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✓ Expertise in blockchain technologies and projects
✓ Trading blockchain-based assets
✓ Blockchain-based assets portfolio management
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Strive for simplicity. Deliver results.

Alte.Capital specializes in managing various blockchain-based assets.

We are trading, investing in the crypto assets and blockchain technologies for more than 3 years with a history of successful participation in the traditional stock market.

We are building crypto assets portfolios, advice about risks and possiblities in cryptocurrencies world and actively investing in Initial Coin Offerings (ICO).


Making use of its advantages, Alte.Capital is creating a strategies that gives the company a good position in relation to attractive trends and permits exposure to growth. It's pursued by:

✓ Organic growth of blockchain assets under management (growing value of existing investment portfolios)
✓ Expansion and investments in promising blockchain projects
✓ Fundraising for investments ICO's
✓ Adding new commitment funds to the range of funds under management
✓ Cooperation with partners


We have 3 investment strategies in blockchain-based assets. Each of them has its own, real portfolio. The digital assets include Ethereum, Bitcoin, Ripple, Basic Attention Token, ZCash and more.



Basic Attention Token


Why Alte.Capital?

  • We combine the knowledge of the cryptocurrencies, technological expertise and adaptive trading methods to achieve strong results.
  • We operate independently. It allows us to build unbiased trading strategies.
  • We think that strong long-term performance is important, but we also recognize the need to manage risk within the context of cryptocurrency-based assets.